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At DB SERVICE the safety of our team members, the sustainability of the systems we create and the conservation of the environment in which we operate are important.

We are committed, every day, to respecting health and safety by always monitoring procedures to reduce risks and accidents to zero.

DB SERVICE is ISO 45001:2018 certified

Company Policy


Company Policy


Environment Policy


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DB SERVICE is constantly committed to safety, various courses are organized for all our employees.

The information given is very important.

Preventive and protective measures are the basis of every process we create

Our excellent HSE record leads us to have a great result today with “0” accidents. We create a safe work environment where accidents do not occur and where employees, contractors and the public are not exposed to safety or health risks.

All products and structures we design and manufacture adhere to our customers' specifications, as well as rigorous, internationally recognized codes, standards and procedures.

All the projects we design and build have undergone rigorous safety assessments and quality testing to ensure they are able to withstand the rigorous demands of the environment and during operation for the entire life of the facility.

We have established a well-developed prevention program, overseen by our supervisory team, with the intent of maintaining a safe work environment for everyone. Through this program, all problems
are communicated quickly and corrections are implemented by our staff.

DB SERVICE also holds the following certifications: ISO 9001:2015 – Quality management systems

Policy Quality

Policy Quality

At DB SERVICE, quality is important. Our internal quality management system ensures that every product, service and procedure exceeds the highest standards of excellence.

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Quality and continuous improvement

At DB SERVICE, we are proud to have developed robust quality assurance and control programs that ensure the services we provide meet the highest levels of excellence. Our commitment to quality is strong in every aspect of our business, from our executive leaders and engineers to the team that assembles the products in our facilities.

We also carefully select our suppliers so that we can ensure that our quality standards are always met. To ensure we meet this commitment, we adhere to and maintain certifications.


As part of our quality management system, regular meetings are held to discuss both challenges and successes during project completion. DB SERVICE is committed to intentionally promoting dialogue within our organization to ensure that all our teams remain committed to continuous improvement.