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Design and Construction of Heat Exchangers

In plant engineering, a heat exchanger (or simply exchanger) is a device in which the exchange of thermal energy takes place between two fluids having different temperatures.

From a thermodynamic point of view, exchangers can be assimilated to open systems that operate without exchange of work; in other words, they exchange matter and heat with the outside, but they do not exchange work.

Although they are used extensively in the industrial sector for the purposes of process thermoregulation, many examples of heat exchangers are also found in everyday life; some examples of common heat exchangers are the car radiator and the home heating radiator.

db service designs and creates:

  • - Plate exchangers
  • - Inspectable exchangers
  • - Welded plate exchangers
  • - Spiral heat exchangers
  • - Brazed exchangers
  • - Shell and tube exchangers
  • - Finned tube exchangers
  • - Fume and gas recuperators
  • - Immersion exchangers

Shell and tube heat exchangers are preferred to other exchangers when
has the need to exchange very large quantities of heat, as this type of
Exchangers usually have much larger exchange surfaces
respect to others; these surfaces can even reach tens of thousands of meters
squares. They consist of a bundle of tubes placed inside a container
cylindrical, in which two fluid currents flow.

Shell and tube heat exchangers for oil

Furthermore, since they are also counter-current heat exchangers, they have some
fairly high exchange coefficients.
Shell and tube exchangers are used for water-oil, water-
air and water-water.
Water-shell and tube heat exchangers
oil – water-water (Technical characteristics)

  • Carbon steel construction with high efficiency integral finned heat exchange tubes
  • Compatible liquids: mineral and synthetic oils, oil emulsions, glycol waters. Reduced size
  • Operating pressure at 12 bar
  • Operating temperature: oil side 120°C; water side 90°C
  • Inspectable water circuit with 1, 2, 4, 8 passes
  • Heat exchangers with Cu tubes can also be made on request,
  • CuNi, INOX, titanium, copper
  • Water-air shell and tube heat exchangers with “U” tubes:
  • Carbon steel construction with stainless steel U-shaped exchange tubes
  • Removable tube bundle
  • Pipe side: max pressure 16 bar, max temperature 200°C
  • Shell side: max pressure 10 bar, max temperature 99°C
  • Upon request they can also be built with materials such as titanium, carbon steel, copper, etc
  • RINA, PED etc. approvals
  • Among the services offered by DB service
  • Service in choosing exchangers
  • Precision and maximum quality in calculation and sizing operations
  • Design and construction of exchangers also for evaporation and condensation applications
  • Creation, following construction drawing, of exchangers identical to the existing ones, in the following materials: cupronickel, stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel etc.